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7x07 Susan feels humiliated by Lynette

2x21 Susan Mayer and the mailman

1x20 Fear No More: Susan kitchen explodes

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Susan: If people are good neighbors…

Bree: … We don’t really care what happens behind closed doors.

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"Edie Brit’s House"

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Susan Mayer

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Susan Mayer

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  • Julie: Mom, why would someone kill themselves?
  • Susan: Well, sometimes people are so unhappy, they think that's the only way they can solve their problems.
  • Julie: But Mrs. Young always seemed happy.
  • Susan: Yeah. But sometimes, people pretend to be one way on the outside, when they're totally different on the inside.
  • Julie: Oh, you mean like how dad's girlfriend is always smiling and says nice things, but deep down, you just know she's a bitch?
  • Susan: I don't like that word, Julie. But yeah, that's a great example
  • Mike: Did you just say Katherine is a leprechaun?
  • Susan: Lesbian. Katherine is a lesbian.
  • Mike: Okay. The first one made more sense.
  • Susan: Apparently, the other night, Katherine and Robin got a little drunk...
  • Mike: Hold it. Robin?
  • Susan: Yeah. She's a leprechaun, too.
  • Lawyer: "To my dearest Susie Q. Who endured my infidelities far longer than she should have, years of cheating, betrayals almost from the day we were married...
  • Susan: Can we just skip to the part where I get stuff?