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Desperate Houseives Season 8 Sountrack. PART 1

8x01 Gabby and Bree

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Last 4 episodes spoliers

8x20 “Lost My Power”  April 29

Emmy winner Doris Roberts guest stars as Doris, a wealthy woman who hires Gaby to be her personal shopper.  Carlos wants her to donate money to his new charity.  

Trip (Scott Bakula) learns of Bree’s recent drunken, sex-filled experiences and needs her to reveal this to strengthen her case.

Renee learns of Ben’s secret involving Bree and the body.

Susan attempts to make MJ a car for his soapbox derby. Later, a garbage truck runs over the car … MJ is responsible.

Lynette attempts to create problems for Tom and Jane: she flirts with his boss Gregg (Reed Diamond) so he’ll give Tom more work.

Bob and Lee both appear.

8x21  ”The People Will Hear” May 6

Bree’s trial is approaching. Bree is interested in Trip Weston romantically; does he like her too, or is her simply interested in helping her out legally? Bree is suspicious when she finds her lawyer with a woman named Lindsay (Britt Morgan).

The women are shocked by Gabrielle’s nonchalant attitude about Bree’s trial.

Susan attends a childbirth class with Julie since Porter’s not stepping up; Susan disagrees with the teacher’s methods.

Lynette tries to stop Tom from getting transferred to India.  Reed Diamond appears again as Tom’s boss Gregg. Jane is still around. Parker and Penny appear.

8x22 “Finishing the Hat I” / 8x23 “Finishing the Hat II” May 13 2012   2 hour series finale

One of the women plans on selling her home, but she doesn’t want anyone to know.

One of the women stops a man from entering court by planting a knife on him.

One of the women visits a man in jail.

Dana Delany (Katherine) visits Wisteria Lane.

We can’t say for sure that Renee will walk down the aisle; she will, however, definitely don a wedding dress.

Martha Huber (Christine Estabrook) — who Paul Young killed in episode 8 of the first season — appears.

8x15 “She Needs Me”

8x15 “She Needs Me” March 4

8x16 “You Take for Granted” March 11

8x17 “Women and Death” March 18

8x18 “Any Moment”  TBA

Will a housewife commit suicide in the series finale?

"For me in my condition, that freedom changed everything… driving was a way for me to move forward in my life… to let go the past… being on the road gave me a new perspective… I learn to become more patient, I even began spending more time in nature, and I started reaching out to old friends, and take time but little by little I’m a new man"

8x14 “Get out of my life” Ending Narration

Desperate Housewives 8x15 “She needs me” Promo, 7 episodes left to the 2 HOURS SERIES FINALE