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Desperate Housewives Things

6x19 Only Music

6x03 Only Music

“We eat Chinese food, too. Does that mean I’m Chinese?”

6x12 Juanita Solis

“When I was born the doctors told my parents I would not live throught the night then the week,what I’m trying to say I really piss my doctors off”

6x11 “If” Patrick Scavo
  • Tom: It'll be ok, I'm looking for a job, and in the meantime we've got enough money to live on for the next... four months.
  • Lynette: So we'll run out right before the babies are born.
  • Tom: Yes. But remember, kids never miss what they never had.
  • Lynette: Ah, like food, clothing, a sober mother.
  • Bob: I can't believe they wouldn't let you sing with them.
  • Lee: It's their group, they can do whatever they want. Whores.
  • Lynette: She was pissed when I didn't tell her you might be pregnant. If I don't tell her about this, I'm dead.
  • Julie: Come on, Lynette.
  • Lynette: I'm serious! She already shot Katherine. Now she's got a taste for blood.
  • Susan: Oh my God! Katherine, the gun just went off. Are you all right?
  • Katherine: You tried to kill me!
  • Susan: Okay, I just shot you. Let's not be throwing accusations around.
  • Kathrine (exclaims angrily): Your going to jail for this. Everyone heard you..Ow, Threaten me at that meeting. I have witnesses.
  • Susan: Oh, please, if I were gonna kill you, I wouldn't do it in my own front yard.I'd sneak into your house and shoot you while you were aslepp.
  • Bree gives her a dirty look at her
  • Susan: Not that I would ever do that.
  • Bree look given out.

“Honey, let her have her lies. Let her plot. You got nothing to worry about. You mean everything to me and Katherine means nothing.
Susan: Well, that’s sweet. I’m gonna go tell her you said that.”

6x05 Mike

6x04 Katherine’s cake