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Desperate Housewives Things

Rex’s funeral music

6x11 “If” Lynette and Patrick Scavo

8x15 “She Needs Me”

"For me in my condition, that freedom changed everything… driving was a way for me to move forward in my life… to let go the past… being on the road gave me a new perspective… I learn to become more patient, I even began spending more time in nature, and I started reaching out to old friends, and take time but little by little I’m a new man"

Desperate Housewives 8x15 “She needs me” Promo, 7 episodes left to the 2 HOURS SERIES FINALE

I have fear for Renee, I think Ben is going to marry her to later kill her or I don’t know. What are your thoughts?

  • Lynette: Then, can I ask you to help me in something else?
  • Jane: Sure!
  • Lynette: You think, maybe you can stop trying to take my husband away from me.
  • Jane: What?
  • Lynette: Your marriage, indeed, you know what this feels.
  • Jane: Wow, That's not fair. The circumstances were completely different.
  • Lynette: Maybe they were, but you still know how hurts. So I'm asking you please, back off! Ok? It's my husband.
  • Jane: You think, I'm gonna give up on him just because you don't accept your marriage is over?



8x04  “School of Hard Knocks” October 16

Lynette and Renee take a difficult yoga class together in hopes of checking out Tom’s new girlfriend Jane (Andrea Parker).

Gabrielle is upset when she gets stuck using the worst parking lot at Juanita’s school.  She attends a PTA meeting in hopes of effecting change (and getting even with a parent namedDana (Beth Littleford)), but it’s easier said than done.

Bree discovers Danielle’s (Joy Lauren)business may not be as wholesome as she believed.

Susan begins an art class in hope of easing her guilt.  Look for her to clash with Andre Zeller (Miguel Ferrer), the class’s hot-headed teacher, who happens to be a renowned artist. 

8x05 “The Art of Making Art” October 23

Tom and Lynette visit their couples counselor Karen (Randee Heller) who encourages them to set rules about their separation. Later, Lynette and Renee visit a bar, but the newly single Lynette feels out of place and she’s not very good with small talk. But she does meetScott (Richard Ruccolo), a guy she’s interested in.

Bree helps out at the local soup kitchen, and her soup turns out to be popular with the local hipsters who end up pushing out the actual people in need. Later, she helps out with a city council proposal concerning the homeless, but there may be unintended consequences for her efforts.  Dakin Matthews appears as Reverend Sykes.

Still feeling guilty, Carlos hits rock bottom.

Susan is embarrassed when Andre asks his students to be naked during class. Later, she ends up in an awkward naked situation at home.

Gabrielle is now the president of the PTA, but when she insults the parent volunteers, she’s left without a staff to set up a school event.

8x06  “Witch’s Lament”  October 30

Susan suspects her classmate Amy (Becky Wu)is having an affair with her teacher, Andre. Later, Susan meets Andre’s son Jasper (Mason Cook), who’s approximately M.J.’s age. She invites the two to join her and M.J. for trick or treating. Andre accepts, but he’s not very good at celebrating Halloween.  Susan is frustrated that her internship with Andre involves caring for his kid and not art.

Lynette and Jane (Andrea Parker) have different ideas about Penny’s costume: Jane wants an elaborate kitty costume while Lynette only has time to throw a pillow case on Penny. When a delivery man comes to deliver a package at Lynette’s house, Lynette has him throw the package up to her, as she waits for it in the window.

Carlos speaks with someone from A.A named Allen (Scott Lawrence). Carlos has been drinking recently, and he had a blackout which involved him leaving the house.

Gabrielle, Bree, and Lynette end up with shovels in the woods, again, on Halloween night.  But they’re not alone…  Can they successfully move Alejandro’s body?

Renee attempts to spice up her first night of romance with Ben.

8x07  “Always in Control”   November 6

Susan attempts to improve her art to impress Andre.

Lynette lies to Penny about Jane.

Gabrielle and Carlos attempt to change Bob’s and Lee’s opinion of the Solis children. 

Bree is stunned to learn who dug up Alejandro’s body.

8x08     November 13

Someone comes home in a cab, drunk.

Andre introduces his students to a gallery owner (Leslie Jordan) who’s going to evaluate their paintings. He loves Susan’s work, which may be a bit revealing.

Gabrielle takes over for Carlos at work. When Carlos’s boss arrives, wishing to speak with him, Gabrielle must race to cover for her husband. 


Bree gets drunk at a bar, then spills the details of her past and present problems to 3 women at the bar.

As the episode draws to a close, a desolate Bree ends up in a motel room with a bottle of wine, among other things.

8-?  May 2012   Series finale

The finale might jump forward years/decades to show the future of Wisteria Lane.

Also, in October 2004, Marc Cherry told USA Today he planned to end the series with one of the women leaving Wisteria Lane, though, in his own words, “I have my own twisted idea of how I want to do it.”  (Though such an ending is far from set in stone; in the same article he suggested he’d out a major character around season 3, and of course Andrew ended up coming out much earlier than that.)