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Desperate Housewives Things

7x07 Susan feels humiliated by Lynette

2x01 Lynette’s job interview

8x09 Lynette speaking Spanish

  • Lynette: Hey. We're about to eat, why don't you join us?
  • Renee: Okay, but keep the baby on your side of the table. What? I'll probably let her play with my knife.

“[to Renee]: I hate you. A lot. But I do foresee a day far in the future when I might only hate you a little.”

7x11 Lynette Scavo

“[to Penny]: Your job is to watch television and eat way too much candy and my job is to make sure that’s all your job is.”

7x04 Lynette Scavo

“Renee was always the one with the fashion sense. Before I met her, I’d never even heard of Gucci or Prada… or Chlamydia.”

7x01 Lynette Scavo
  • Tom: How could you forget her birthday?
  • Lynette: I'm pregnant. I forget pants sometimes.

“(To Tom) This morning you walked in and sat on the toilet while I shaved my legs. We have no boundaries.”

6x13 Lynette Scavo