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3x13 You raped my husband???

CashierDo you want to donate? […] It is for poor people, you give a dollar, I ring the bell, everyone knows you donated

Susan: Has that piercing affected your sight? I’m counting pennies!

“(To Tom) This morning you walked in and sat on the toilet while I shaved my legs. We have no boundaries.”

6x13 Lynette Scavo

LOL @ Karen suicide pie

6x04 Katherine’s cake

  • Tom: Remember last time you were pregnant with twins? Every part of you swelled up. It was like sleeping next to a body they dragged out of the river.
  • Lynette: You said I was beautiful.
  • Tom: I had to. You were twice my size.
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  • Katherine: Haven't seen you in a while.
  • Susan: Well, I've been... using the back door a lot more lately.

Exclusive Images 8x10?

Who killed Chuck?

Who killed Chuck?

Desperate Housewives- Blooper season 4