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Desperate Housewives Things
  • (Susan is trying to visit Mike at the coma ward)
  • Nurse: You need to leave. You're disturbing the other patients.
  • (a security guard grabs Susan by the arms)
  • Susan: What are you... Oh... This is ridiculous. Who am I disturbing? It's a coma ward, don't you want them to wake up?
  • Bree: George, do you have an erection?
  • George: I'm sorry! You were blowing in my ear!
  • Bree: You have to get rid of it! There are children present!
  • Susan: Do you believe in evil Edie?
  • Edie: Of course I do, I work in real estate
  • Edie: I was just about to give a Maisy Gibbons update.
  • Lynette: Guys, we should be ashamed of ourselves for reveling in that woman's misery. That being said, Edie, please continue.
  • Bree: Hi Danielle. How was school?
  • Danielle: It was ok.
  • Bree: Good. Where does Andrew keep his marijuana?
  • Julie: Mom, if you've really need something to freak out about, just remember you're going to spend the night with Mike at a hotel. No man has seen you naked in years, except your doctor.
  • Susan: Yeah, he retired. I try not take that personally.
  • Julie: How am I supposed to blend in with a bunch of messed up teenagers?
  • Susan: I dunno, pretend you're bulimic, gag a little