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Desperate Housewives Things

Do you think a housewife is going to die in the series finale?

if so who?

and how? (murder, suicide)

I have fear for Renee, I think Ben is going to marry her to later kill her or I don’t know. What are your thoughts?

Did you know…?

Mary Alice commited suicide on September 26, 2004.

A link to watch 8x09 please?


What is your theory about what is going to happen in the series finale?

Thank you so much

Day 21- Best Gabrielle Scene and Quote


2x09 “That’s Good, That’s bad”


"When men are fathers, they become terrible husbands" (Season 3)


It increased! :)

Day 17- Reasons why you love Desperate Housewives

I love the drama! I’ve always loved it. But this series it’s just amazing, It has a flawless plot, every character has a magnificent storyline.

I feel the pain, the happiness, everything in each episode.

It’s one of the only series, i can’t predict what is going to happen in next episode, all is a mystery. The opening is just perfectt

And Mary Alice Opening/ Ending Narrations/ Voiceovers are amazingggg… It’s also a good reason why I love it even more.

I learn everyday with this narrations. She inspired me to write :)

When I see DH Season 8 Ratings


Oh see, 30 millions viewers in the season premiere


less than 10 millions viewers?? what’s wrong?

the less watched season