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Desperate Housewives Things

“I could forgive you if you betrayed me with anyone even remotely admirable, but you chose the most contemptible man I have ever known. No, Bree, I do not need you”

6x12 Orson Hodge
Who killed Chuck?

Who killed Chuck?

“I had sex with Alma and I wasn’t even conscious? How reminiscent of our marriage…”

3x14 Orson
  • Orson: I won't and you can't make me.
  • Alma: Can't? That drink I gave you had two kinds of pills in it -- one to put you to sleep and one to keep the part of you I need nice and perky.
  • Bree: I try to hold my head up and smile and just bake more pies for the church social. But now your ex is camped out on our doorstep like I'm hosting some kind of morman slumber party. And I do not know how I'm going to bake my way out of this one!
  • Orson: Darling, I'm gonna get Alma out of that house. I don't care if I'll have to live up to my reputation and strangle her!
  • Bree: (with great relief) Oh, you are a good husband...
  • Gloria: You think you could be rid of me that easily?
  • Orson: It's over mother, I told her everything.
  • Gloria: Oh, I doubt that very much. You still have secrets my boy.
  • Orson: So do you mother, and if you want them kept, you'll keep mine.
  • Bree: You cannot let your mother move into this neighborhood. It's filled with junkies and whores.
  • Orson: And we'll owe them all an apology.

“I know about rage. I know how it eats you up. But rage goes away, and when it does, you’re just left with the mess you’ve made.”

3x03 Orson (To Andrew)
  • (Bree and Orson are leaving to go find Andrew. Orson has only just found out Bree left him on the side of the road)
  • Danielle: You know, Andrew is not the only one having a rough year. I'm the one whose boyfriend got shot right in front of her.
  • (Orson looks at Bree stunned)
  • Bree: (to Orson) We'll... talk in the car.
  • On the airport after Bree saw a report on TV about homeless teenagers)
  • Orson: Bree, what's the matter?
  • Bree: A reporter just did a story on homeless teens, and my son was one of them.
  • Orson: Oh, my God. Well, we'll call child welfare the minute we get to the resort.
  • Bree: Orson, you can't imagine that we're still going!
  • Orson: Darling, the tickets are nonrefundable.
  • Bree: My son is eating out of dumpsters!
  • Orson: Yes, but think how much better you'll be able to deal with this crisis after a nice, relaxing...
  • Bree: Orson! My child is in trouble. Don't make me choose between the two of you, because believe me, you will lose.