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Desperate Housewives Things
Who killed Chuck?

Who killed Chuck?

“(To Renee) Basically, You’re me 30 years ago”

Ms. McCluskey

“I believe you have a certain something that makes you a great artist, maybe is talent, maybe is mental illness.”

Felix Bergman
  • Lynette: Hola, It's Ms Maria, I forgot the keys to Mr. Tom's casa, could you let me in por favor.
  • Voice: There's no Mr. Tom here. No, you have the wrong apartment.
  • Lynette: No, I'm doing the cleaning. For Mr. Tom.

“(after slapping Chuck) Sorry, but you said to forget you’re cop.”

8x09 Lynette Scavo
  • Lynette: Do you think we need a lawyer?
  • Gabby: I don't know, maybe Susan can paint one for us.

Desperate Housewives - 8x09 Promo

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I’ve just watched 8x09 Sneak peeks and I’m so, very dissapointed about Gabby and Lynette, and you?

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Shulie Cowen (Deirdre) is back in 8x09 (Putting It Together)!

I hope Mary Alice appears in screen again!

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