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Desperate Housewives Things
  • Bree: Hi Danielle. How was school?
  • Danielle: It was ok.
  • Bree: Good. Where does Andrew keep his marijuana?
  • Bree: Well, that's because you just don't love him as much as I do!
  • Rex: Well, isn't that nice.
  • Bree: It's just a fact. I'm his mother. He lived inside of me.
  • Rex: He hung out in your womb for a few months back in the 80s. Since then, I have grown to love him just as much as you!

“Gabrielle was waiting for her next great idea. Her first great idea came when she was fifteen, after her stepfather paid her a late night visit. She bought a bus ticket to New York the very next day. Her next occurred five years later when she decided to seduce a famous fashion photographer. One week later, she began her career as a runway model. Which soon led her to her next great idea. Her decision to marry Carlos Solis. Before she knew it, she had jumped off the runway and moved to the suburbs. Her most recent great idea was born out of her boredom with her new life. That’s how she came to start an affair with her teenage gardener, which was cut short by the tragic accident, so once again, Gabrielle was in need of a great idea.”

1x09 Opening Narration