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Susan and Mary Alice, the very first encounter between them

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Susan and Mary Alice, the very first encounter between them

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“Yes, life is a journey. One that is much better travelled with a companion by our side. Of course, that companion can be just about anyone. A neighbour on the other side of the street, the man on the other side of the bed. The companion can be a mother with good intentions or a child who’s up to no good. Still, despite our best intentions, some of us will lose our companions along the way then the journey becomes unbearable. You see, human beings are designed for many things but loneliness isn’t one of them.”

Mary Alice Young (Desperate Housewives)
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“My daughter is planning on giving you her virginity, and I would consider it a personal favor if you wouldn’t take it.”

Bree Van Camp to John the Gardner in Desperate Housewives (1x15)